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Why do I love cooking Italian food?

I just can't help myself... Because I am Italian!

Well, both of my parents are Italian.

They were born in Italy and immigrated to the United States as teenagers.

I was born in upstate New York, but my heart and soul feel like they were raised in Italy.

I love cooking, for myself and for others.

Italian food is in my blood and it is my passion.

I hope to share this passion with you by providing delicious and easy-to-follow recipes via this site.

The following are all the Italian recipes you need, right at your fingertips!

Buon Appetito!

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Site Contents:

Printable Italian Recipe Cards - 4x6 cards with 24 great recipes for sale
Start a collection with my printable Italian recipe cards, standard sized cards are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.
Antipasti - Italian Appetizer Recipes, easy, fresh and delicious.
Antipasti: These Italian appetizer recipes are full of flavor and yet are so easy, you won't even believe it!
Easy Salad Recipes
These easy salad recipes include Italian potato salad, caprese salad and even tasty fruit salad! So many choices, you can't go wrong!
Easy Pasta Recipes
Easy pasta recipes are at the center of Italian Cooking. If you're looking for easy Italian Pasta ideas, you've found the right place!
Italian Rice recipes and Polenta
Italian rice recipes including risotto and arancini, and a variety of ways to cook polenta.
Italian Meat Recipes
Italian meat recipes ranging from meatballs to Italian sausage. Authentic, delicious and easy to make!
Simple Vegetarian Recipes
When cooking Italian food, turn to these simple vegetarian recipes, like eggplant parmesan, to please your family and friends.
Delicious Pizza Recipes
Make your own delicious Italian style pizza with these easy Pizza Recipes. Make your own dough and add fresh toppings, voila!
Tasty Panini Recipes
In Italy a "panino" is simply a sandwich! Try out some of these easy panini recipes - they are not simply "sandwiches", they're delicious!
Tasty Italian Soup Recipes
Italian soup recipes are light and delicious, learn some recipes your family will love!
Dessert Recipes - Italian classics like tiramisu, zabaglione, biscotti, cannoli
Italian dessert recipes that will tantalize your tastebuds. Learn to make perfect tiramisu, panettone and other traditional favorites!
Delicious Pasta Primavera Recipe
Oven roasted veggies make this Pasta Primavera Recipe a great dinner-time treat. Pasta with vegetables never looked so good!
Best Italian Wines Guide
Find out which are the best Italian wines to drink. Pair your favorite with a delectable recipe from this site!
Italian Drinks - liqueurs, cocktails, recipes, popular coffee beverages
There are a wide array of Italian drinks, from liqueurs to cocktails, espresso for the grown-ups to aranciata for the little ones. Learn about them here.
Site Map for Tasty Italian Cooking
This Tasty Italian Cooking site map will help you easily find the recipes you're looking for, or you can use the search feature.
101 Reasons Cooking Italian Food Rocks!
There are many reasons cooking Italian food is awesome - here are 101 of them! Enjoy!
The typical Italian Kitchen
A typical Italian kitchen is stocked full of these ingredients... keep them on hand and you'll be able to create any Italian dish!
Gelato - an Italian phenomenon!
If you've ever traveled to Italy, you probably know what gelato is. This Italian ice cream is so creamy and delicious, it's like heaven in your mouth!
Cooking and the Italian Language
Italian language pops up in cooking all the time. Why not learn to pronounce those words correctly? Learn from an Italian here!
Italian culture and food
Learn a little bit about why food is so important to the Italian culture, and other interesting tid-bits.
Traditional Amaretti Cookies - holiday Italian classic treats recipe.
Amaretti cookies are a classic Italian treat which feature almonds as one of the main components.
Cooking Italian Food Store
Find delectable imported goodies for the next time you are cooking Italian food. Visit my store today!
About Me - Italian cook as a birth right, working from home earning money online
A page about me and how I learned all about Italian cooking and how I turned my passion into my work-from-home career.
Contact me!
Contact me with questions, comments or recipe ideas!
Tasty Italian Cooking E-zine Subscription page
For lovers of all things Italian - including Italian cooking, culture and language - this E-zine is for you!
YumBlog - Tasty Italian Cooking Morsels for your mouth and your mind!
A yummy blog about Italian cooking, customs, traditions, common misconceptions about all things Italian. And of course, keep up-to-date on everything new at! Subscribe here!
Do YOU love cooking Italian food??
Do you love cooking Italian food? Want to share a favorite Italian recipe? Or do you just like traveling to Italy and want to talk about it? Do it here!
Spent time in Italy? Share!
Spent some time in Italy? Traveled the coast? Hit all the hot spots? Share your stories here!
Italian Cooking Links I Like
A collection of links to other websites related to Italian Cooking and the great Italian culture!
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Baked Ziti Recipe - Easy Italian dish with tomato sauce and cheese.
This baked ziti recipe can be made with meat or vegetarian. Check out the recipe here.

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