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New and Improved! -Tasty Tidbits E-zine, Issue #004

March 01, 2010

In this Issue...

  1. Site & E-zine Redesigns
  2. Latest site additions
  3. Italy in the news
  4. Tasty Italian Cooking Food Store now in operation!

Fresh tomato Salve! It's nice to see you again! I hope that you have been cooking up a storm in your kitchen, but if not hopefully this newsletter will inspire you to!

Some exciting changes have taken place at Tasty Italian Cooking, and I hope to share them with you in this E-zine.

So enjoy! Until next time...

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Site & E-zine Redesigns

As you may have already notice, I've spiffed up my E-zine a bit since the last mailing. It has been a little difficult for me to keep you all posted as I have had my hands tied the past few months with a newborn, BUT I've finally gotten some time to work some things out and hence - the NEW and IMPROVED E-zine! I hope that you like it, and thanks for all you that have been subscribed and have patiently been waiting for me to get my act together! I truly appreciate it!

(Also check out the site, as that's been polished up a bit, too!)

fresh onion Latest Site Additions

I've added a few new recipes to the site, including a recipe for Stracciatella soup, and a slightly exotic pumpkin and feta pizza, both submitted by fellow visitors!

Have a recipe that you want posted to the site? Join the fun! Other visitors will be able to view, rate and even comment on your submissions!

I've also added a new section entitled 101 Reasons Why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS! (I know I don't need to tell you that it does!)

Italian flag

Italy In The News

In this section of the E-zine I'd like to just pass on an interesting or late-breaking news story happening in or about Italy. It's a fun way to keep up-to-date with happenings on the peninsula, to share something fun or even inspiring. This subscription's stories:

Officials: Water safe after Italy oil spill

ROME (AP) -- Italy's disaster crisis chief says a sampling of a river where oil sludge seeped in from a spill shows the water...

Another related story hails from the New York Times Online:

Italian Oil Slick Reaches Key Farm Center of Parma

ROME (AP) -- Sludge from an oil spill snaked down the Po River on Thursday to reach the province of Parma, raising fears that...

A shopping cart Tasty Italian Cooking Food Store now in operation!

I'm announcing the official opening of my imported food store online! Here you will be able to buy a lot of the ingredients that may be hard to come by in your local grocery store, or that you might just not have the time to look for. Order them online and have them delivered straight to your door!

Some of the items include: fresh marscapone and ricotta cheeses, salami, authentic extra virgin olive oil and of course plenty of Italian chocolates and candies! (These aren't for cooking, but they're delicious so, why not?)

So saunter over to the store and buon shopping!

Check out more at!

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