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When in Rome! -Tasty Tidbits E-zine, Issue #006

March 14, 2010

In this Issue...

  1. When in Rome!
  2. Latest site additions
  3. Italy in the news
  4. Do the Italians celebrate St. Patrick's Day, too?

an onion Buon Giorno! This past week has been very busy for me as I prepared for and hosted a celebration for my son's christening. Many Italian specialties graced the dinner table including caprese salad skewers, stuffed eggplant and a cold-cut platter featuring prosciutto, peppered salami and mortadella... if only there had been more leftovers!

Have you cooked up any Italian food lately? Share your story and photos with us! I'd love to see your own tasty creations. Who knows - maybe you'll inspire me, too!

In this week's e-zine learn some of the reasons why I fell head-over-heels in love with Rome, some of the latest news about Italia and the question that's on everyone's mind - do Italians celebrate St. Patrick's day? Have fun reading and I'll see you next week!

Until next time...

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view of the Vatican

When in Rome!

When in Rome, do as the Italians do!

I have to admit, studying abroad in Rome during college has definitely turned me into a very biased supporter of this amazing cultural mecca. But who can blame me? If you've ever been, you know what I am talking about! If you haven''s my take on why I think all roads lead to Rome:

  • Rome is like a layer cake that's been sliced open so that you can actually see all the goodness inside. Walking or driving down the streets you will encounter everything from the most modern bookstore to an ancient column rising up from the ground below. It is amazing to see the juxtaposition of these different centuries mesh so harmoniously together. Visit the Roman Forum or Colosseum and you will literally feel transported through time. Or visit one of Rome's awesome discotecas and feel like you're in the heart of NYC. It's wild to think these things exist within the same sprawling city, but they do!

  • Although the city is surrounded by and deeply rooted in Catholic tradition, anyone with any background or belief system will be inspired when visiting the gorgeously ordained churches and cathedrals. The most famous being of course, the Vatican itself. Marvel at the hugeness of the marble pillars, the smoothness of the sculptures and the intricacy of the mosaic ceilings. Climb the Cupola and feast your eyes on an amazing spectacle - the city of Rome seemingly at your feet.

  • Of course we can't talk about Rome without talking about FOOD! Restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias are littered among the streets like candy wrappers. Bakeries specializing in breads or sweets can be found blocks apart, and ice cream? Forget it! Gelaterias are like Starbucks here in the US - they're a dime a dozen! And speaking of Starbucks, you haven't had an espresso until you've had one at an Italian Bar. cornetto Prepay for your drink at the register, take your ticket to the barrista and let him know what you want. Watch as he effortlessly creates the most perfect cappuccino or cioccolato caldo that you have ever tasted. Accompany that drink with a cornetto alla marmellata and you will ask yourself if you've died and gone to Roman Heaven.

  • Lastly let's not forget about the shopping! Italy is known for such amazing labels such as Dolce e Gabbana, Versace and Giorgio Armani just to name a few. Head over to the Spanish Steps side of town and find these and others at your credit-card laden fingertips. Not about to spend that much dough? Don't worry! Keep your eyes peeled and you're sure to come across a young man or woman selling knockoffs in the piazza down the street from your hotel. ;-) Or just head to an open market, like Porta Portese and find lots of goodies in your price range. Whatever you decide to buy will always remind you of the amazing time you had when in Rome!
  • Heading to Rome sometime soon? I recommend the guide book, Rome (EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDE) The format of this book is super easy to navigate and it will lead you to the MUST-sees and the not-so-well-knowns. It also has useful traveling tips and index of restaurants/hotels/etc. in the back. It's also small enough to carry around with you while you sightsee!

    broken chocolate egg Latest site additions

    This week I have added a few informative pages about Italian Easter traditions. I've also included some information about the general Lenten season, and created a special page all about Italian Easter food.

    Stay tuned for next week as I'll be added a couple special Italian Easter recipes, including pane di pasqua or Easter Bread.

    Do you have any Easter food recipes that fall into the "Italian Food" category? Share your recipe here! It could become the next most loved Italian food recipe on the site!

    roll of euro bills

    Italy In The News

    A couple of stories I thought I'd pass along to you... the first just goes to show how great that Italian food really is!


    (ANSA) - Paris, March 12 - The average Frenchman spends 500 euros a year on Italian imports...

    One of the (negative) facts of life living in or traveling to a city like Rome...the Italians certainly like to strike!

    Italy: Public transport workers hold general strike

    Rome, 12 March (AKI) - A general transport strike wrought havoc in Italy on Friday, disrupting travel for millions of commuters and travellers. Italy's largest trade union...Continue reading this story.

    shamrock Do Italians celebrate St. Patrick's Day, too?

    Many of you may not know this but, every single day of the year has a saint assigned to it. Most Italians are in fact named after these saints, and therefor they play a significant role in their lives. It is not unusual for an Italian person to be granted warm wishes and even celebrate their namesake day. So, therefor it is not unusual for Italians to also celebrate St. Patrick's day, especially if he is the saint they were named after.

    However, if you're thinking that the Italians follow our own traditions of this overly-greenerized holiday, that's not really the case. There isn't too much drinking and being merry over on the peninsula come March 17th.

    There is an exception to that rule though. Florence does host an Irish festival around this time of the month called la Festa Irlandese. It is a ten day celebration that is full of music, different foods and of course lots to drink. Thousands of visitors can revel in the Italian version of Irish cuisine and drink their fill of birra.

    Rome also hosts a sort of Celtic Ball on the 18th of March and hosts a "pub crawl" from the 17th to the 18th. There are actually a wide array of Irish pubs throughout the city and even when it's not St. Patrick's day it is worth going to one to drink a tall pint of guinness, order some fish and chips and watch some good old fashioned futbol!

    Check out the rest of the Saint's Days Calendar here. If nothing else you can find your name and then tell everyone that they must buy you presents! Hehe.

    Check out more at!

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