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Farmers markets & summer cooking! Plus, are YOU an Italian citizen? -Tasty Tidbits E-zine, Issue #10

June 14, 2011

In this Issue...

  1. Farmers markets and summer cooking - just like the Italians do!
  2. Latest site additions
  3. Italy in the News
  4. Could you be an Italian citizen? You just may be!

lettuce Salve,

Benvenuti! I'm so excited to share this issue of the Tasty Tidbits E-zine with you!

Today I will be talking about farmer's markets and incorporating your great fresh finds in your every day cooking, just like the Italians do.

Also, I've added a couple of news stories that might spark your interest including a late-breaking piece about the Turin Shroud, the piece of cloth that supposedly wrapped the body of Jesus Christ...or did it? Read on below to find out!

And lastly, have you ever wondered if you could become an Italian citizen? Well, it turns out you just might be one already! Join me on an adventure to become an Italian citizen through jure sanguinis. Find out what it means below.

Enjoy these stories and more...Until next time...

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fresh onion

Farmer's markets and summer cooking - just like the Italians do!

One of my favorite things about summertime is the fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables locally available to me at weekend farmers markets. There is just nothing greater than going from stand to stand, talking with the farmers themselves, and learning that the foods I will be eating were grown and harvested only miles from my house.

The great thing about farmer's markets, besides the delectable fare, is the price of these awesome foods. Most times you will find that you can get sweet deals on almost anything that you would normally buy at the grocery store, and chances are the produce you pick out at a farmers market is not only freshly picked (often times that very morning), but just out of this world delicious!

farmers market

In Italy these type of open markets are a dime a dozen. You will see them set up in piazzas, on sidewalks and in parking lots. One of the most famous open markets has got to be the one hosted in Campo dei Fiori in Rome every single day. There you will find fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, spices, fish and even flowers.

Italians cook from scratch daily, and these markets help them to find all the products they need to make a fantastic meal and usually right around the corner from where they live! Why not replicate their cooking style by using your fresh produce in a grilled eggplant panino or creating a classic minestrone soup?

Italian farmers market
Last weekend I visited a farmer's market near my home and found a tempting display, to say the least. I walked away with two heads of red leaf lettuce, still wet with morning dew, a pound of fresh, organic mozzarella cheese and a homemade ginger salad dressing that a free sample enticed me to buy. I couldn't wait to use them all!

And I have. Not even four days have passed and the lettuce and cheese are both gone, and the dressing has been sufficiently sampled. I just can't wait until next weekend when we venture to yet another open market to see what else we can find.

See one of the recipes I created with my farmer's market finds below!

And get to YOUR local farmer's market. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

margarita pizza Latest site additions

This week I have added a fresh mozzarella and tomato margarita pizza recipe .

if you're looking for an easy homemade pizza recipe that is just delicious and healthy, this is it! Plus you can use your farmer's market finds to create it! Buonissimo!

Do you have any exciting new recipes you'd like to share?
Share them with us!

We'd love to hear from you!

Italy in the News

Italian Vogue magazine logo
Vogue Italia is creating quite the buzz with the release of this months cover photo, showing plus sized models and touting the phrase Belle Vere meaning, true (or real) beauties. I, for one, would like to say: It's about time!

Also making a buzz, the claim that the Turin Shroud is actually an early 14th century piece of Renaissance art. Read about one art historian's discovery and what it means here.

Italian passport Are you an Italian citizen? You could be!

Have you ever wondered if you could be an Italian citizen? I've often times dreamt of becoming one, and sometimes even wished my parents had stayed in Italy so that I could have been born there!

Sometime ago, when I was researching how difficult it might be to become a citizen of Italy, I found some interesting information. It turns out that if you have Italian ancestry that immigrated to your home country to start a new life - you just may still have the ties that would make you eligible for citizenship!

It's called Jure Sanguis, which means through the bloodline or through ancestry. If your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent came to America (or Australia, UK, etc) and had children before they became a naturalized citizen, the child born had a right to the citizenship of their mother country. How cool is that?

So, what does this mean, you might ask? Well it means that I will be delving into the world of Jure sanguis and trying my hardest to get myself an Italian passport, that's what! And you can, too!

Here is a useful website to determine if you are eligible to become an Italian citizen and the documents you need to get the process started.

Take the journey with me, I can't wait to see what happens!

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