Reasons 26-50 why Cooking Italian Food Rocks!

Here are reasons 26-50 why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS! (Isn't it fun to be so confident?) Enjoy!

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  1. Measurements are usually only a suggestion.
  1. Italians view "plumpness" as a sign of being healthy, which is why they're always telling you to "Mangia! Mangia!"

  1. For such a small country, Italy's food is some of the most recognized around the world.
  1. Hundreds of different shaped pastas to choose from. That's just fun.
spaghetti with sauce, spaghetti, sauce, tomato sauce, plate of spaghetti
  1. Pasta stuffed with cheese. Is there a better combination out there?

  1. You can grow the main ingredients for your dinner in your own garden!

  1. Making pizza dough from scratch costs $2 - versus the $20 they'll charge at the local pizzeria.

  1. Carnivores and vegetarians alike can be equally satisfied on an Italian diet.

  1. Do it well enough and people will start to think you are Italian.

  1. Why do you think biscotti got so popular?

  1. Shots of espresso - the kind of shots that feel good ;-)

  1. It's easy to invent your own new "pasta-sauce" combinations.

  1. Any cuisine where melted cheese all over everything is a good thing is fine by me.

  1. Ever heard of gelato?

  1. It's food that makes you feel warm-and-fuzzy inside.

  1. Throw all the vegetables you have in a pot, turn up the heat and call it minestrone!

  1. It can be super spicy.

  1. It can be super sweet!

  1. Polenta - once considered "food of the poor", now $20 appetizer at 5 star restaurants.

  1. You can tell everyone you're a master at making panini - which really just means you know how to makes sandwiches, but no one needs to know that!

  1. A fruit salad is considered a perfectly acceptable dessert.

  1. Baking. Frying. Steaming. Sautéing. Italian cooks do it all.

  1. Eating eggs for dinner is encouraged.

  1. Italian food makes awesome leftovers.

  1. What other country's flag is used as a metaphor for food? (tomato, cheese, basil = Caprese salad otherwise known as Italian pride)

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