Cooking Italian Food

Reasons 51-75 why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS!

Here are reasons 51-75 why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS! It just keeps getting better and better!

  1. You can host a dinner party where all you serve is Italian wine and cheese, and no one attending will feel slighted.
  1. Buy a man a pizza and he'll eat for the day. Teach him to make one from scratch and he'll never ever go hungry! (He'll also probably be a huge hit among his friends)
  1. Pretty much anything in your fridge or freezer can be used in Italian cuisine.
  1. Stuffed eggplant. Stuffed artichokes. Stuffed peppers. All delicious stuff!

  1. Italian cooking is not pretentious. (Even if this list is!)

  1. Italian cooking can be done by anyone, at any age!

    Wine pouring
  1. The Italians started the Slow Food Movement, which encourages taking your time to appreciate the art of cooking and eating good food. Arrivederci fast food!

  1. Tomatoes - are they a fruit? Are they a vegetable? Italian cooks don't fuss with definitions, they just put them in everything.

  1. It is healthy.

  1. It's good for little kids and grown-ups alike.

  1. Most of it is easily prepared ahead of time and warmed up when ready to serve!

  1. It's always worth the wait!

  1. Thousands of prospering Italian restaurants across the country just can't be wrong.

  1. Hundreds of cookbooks written about it just can't be wrong.

  1. It's inexpensive to create.

  1. It shows up in the movies and on tv all the time ("Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.")

  1. Did I mention cannoli?

  1. There's nothing cuter than hearing a little kid ask for "more pasketti!"

  1. An Italy diet is very balanced.

  1. Love meat, chicken or seafood? Whatever your palate desires, there's an Italian dish that is sure to make you start to salivate.

  1. Every region of Italy has a unique spin on Italian cooking - you get to choose whichever you like best to make.

  1. Italian food is full of flavor, not full of fat or preservatives!

  1. Cooking Italian is like learning to ride a bike, you never really forget how to do it.

  1. Grated cheese will pretty much save any dish!

  1. Everyone cooks it a little differently, and there's no wrong way to cook it.

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