Cooking Italian food outside of Italy

Cooking Italian food outside of Italy can be challenging.

It can be difficult to find all of the necessary ingredients to make a stand out dish without going through great lengths and A LOT of expense to get everything perfect.

For example, good sopressata is very hard to find here in the United States. There are some small specialty or import stores, and some large grocery store chains may carry a small selection - however, you'll pay heavily for this unique ingredient. It is a shame that some of these quality ingredients are rare outside of Italy, but there is a silver lining!

As far as most Italian dishes are concerned - they need very few ingredients, and they are usually well-known, simple and accessible to almost everyone!

For example, pizza is made with very FEW ingredients. Even if you are making the dough from scratch, you'll find everything you need at the local market down the road.

And if you are creating something special, like for example a classic tiramisu, which requires mascarpone cheese and savoiardi (lady fingers), both ingredients that you may be hard-pressed to find: there are ways to get the things that you need without even leaving the comfort of your own home!

Consider import stores online!

There are many websites dedicated to simply importing the foods that make cooking Italian food so fun and unique an experience. Plan ahead and you can have these items shipped to you directly in time to make that special meal for your family and friends.

Most dishes can be prepared without the use of special tools

Sure, a frittata pan is nice to have, but it isn't necessary! Historically Italians created, and continue to create all of their wonderful foods without the use of fancy gadgets! So, say "no" to the panini press and say "hello!" to your standard frying pan to grill your panini creations!

Of course, you may not be able to exactly recreate that delectable dinner for two that you shared with your spouse on that romantic trip to Venice, but you'll be able to come pretty close! Plan a little, prepare a little bit more and get to cooking Italian food that you and your family will LOVE to eat!

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