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Salve! Here you'll find tidbits of information from across the Italian cooking spectrum.

Whether it's a real-life recipe I ate while traveling the boot-shaped peninsula or an experience I've had with my Italian family stateside - you'll learn more about Italians and their culinary customs than you ever dreamed of!

So if you have any misconceptions or you just want to have some fun alongside me and my wacky Italian family, read on or just click on the orange button and subscribe to my site feed!

  1. Melon and Prosciutto Recipe

    This Melon and Prosciutto Recipe is beyond simple. It is one of the easiest and tastiest Italian appetizer recipes you'll ever make!

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  2. 101 Reasons Cooking Italian Food Rocks!

    There are many reasons cooking Italian food is awesome - here are 101 of them! Enjoy!

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  3. Creamy Mushroom Risotto Recipe

    This mushroom risotto recipe is delicious and although any risotto can be a pain in the wrist, all that stirring is worth every last bite!

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  4. Italian Language

    Italian language pops up in cooking all the time. Why not learn to pronounce those words correctly? Learn from an Italian here!

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  5. Spicy Italian Meatball Recipe

    This spicy Italian meatball recipe pairs perfectly with a simple tomato sauce, or make the sauce spicy too, why not!

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  6. Italian Easter Food

    Italian Easter food consists of traditional dishes such as roasted lamb, artichokes and of course Italian Easter bread.

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  7. Lasagna Recipe with Three Cheeses

    This easy Lasagna recipe is built with three ooey, gooey and delicious cheeses! It is a great addition to your culinary repertoire.

    ...read more of Lasagna Recipe with Three Cheeses
  8. Perfect Potato Pizza

    Potato pizza is a classic Italian dish not found in the United States. This recipe will make it a family favorite!

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  9. cooking italian food usa

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  10. Easy Sandwich Recipe Tomato & Mozzarella

    As far as panini recipes, this Tomato & Mozzarella combo is an easy sandwich recipe that is both tasty and satisfying.

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  11. Easy Salad Recipes

    These easy salad recipes include Italian potato salad, caprese salad and even tasty fruit salad! So many choices, you can't go wrong!

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  12. Lemon Ice Recipe

    This authentic lemon ice recipe, or Italian Granita. Cool and refreshing and most importantly EASY!

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  13. Focaccia Recipe

    This focaccia recipe is perfect plain or with toppings, make it your side dish or a main course with this recipe!

    ...read more of Focaccia Recipe
  14. Italian Rice recipes and Polenta

    Italian rice recipes including risotto and arancini, and a variety of ways to cook polenta.

    ...read more of Italian Rice recipes and Polenta
  15. Risotto with Perch Fillets

    This risotto with perch showcases a freshwater fish typically found in Northern Italian lakes. Explore this rice recipe, your family will love it!

    ...read more of Risotto with Perch Fillets
  16. Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

    This grilled eggplant sandwich is the perfect Italian panino treat for veggie-lover's all around.

    ...read more of Grilled Eggplant Sandwich
  17. Learn Italian

    Learn Italian pronounciation and sound like a native when you pronounce those Italian dishes.

    ...read more of Learn Italian
  18. Best Italian Wines Guide

    Find out which are the best Italian wines to drink. Pair your favorite with a delectable recipe from this site!

    ...read more of Best Italian Wines Guide
  19. Gelato, Italian Ice Cream

    If you've ever traveled to Italy, you probably know what gelato is. This Italian ice cream is so creamy and delicious, it's like heaven in your mouth!

    ...read more of Gelato, Italian Ice Cream
  20. Italian Chicken Marsala

    Italian chicken marsala can be such a satisfying main course, this recipe will become one of your favorites. Don't forget the wine!

    ...read more of Italian Chicken Marsala
  21. Grilled Eggplant Recipe

    This simple grilled eggplant recipe is the perfect addition to your antipasto recipes collection!

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  22. Summertime Cold Pasta Recipe

    This cold pasta recipe is perfect for summer, and easily transports to your backyard barbecue or campground!

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  23. Tasty Italian Cooking Newsletter Back Issues

    See the back issues of the Tasty Tidbits Ezine for tasty-italian-cooking.com

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  24. Italian Holidays

    Italian holidays are wonderful and festive and full of flavorful food!

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  25. Baked Potato Recipe

    This is not your typical baked potato recipe. Use your favorite kind of tots for this potato side dish!

    ...read more of Baked Potato Recipe
  26. Italian Meat Recipes

    Italian meat recipes ranging from meatballs to Italian sausage. Authentic, delicious and easy to make!

    ...read more of Italian Meat Recipes
  27. Pasta Recipes

    Pasta recipes are at the center of Italian Cooking. If you're looking for authentic Italian Pasta ideas, you've found the right place!

    ...read more of Pasta Recipes
  28. Italian Easter Dessert Recipe with Rice

    An Easter Dessert recipe with ingredients like Arborio rice, Romano cheese, eggs and milk. Sometimes with a crust, but I made this one crustless.

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  29. Tasty Italian Cooking Newsletter Back Issues

    See the back issues of the Tasty Tidbits Ezine for tasty-italian-cooking.com

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  30. site map

    Visitor site map for tasty-italian-cooking.com

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  31. Cooking Italian Food Rocks, 25-50

    Check out reasons 25-50 why Cooking Italian food ROCKS!

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  32. Minestrone Soup Recipe

    This minestrone recipe makes one of my favorite childhood soups to eat...learn a classic recipe here!

    ...read more of Minestrone Soup Recipe
  33. pumpkin pizza with feta cheese orig

    ...read more of pumpkin pizza with feta cheese orig
  34. Italian Cocktails

    These yummy Italian cocktails are sure to be a big hit at your next party. Get recipes for Bellini, Bicicletta, and other Italian drinks here.

    ...read more of Italian Cocktails
  35. Spaghetti Recipe with Fried Zucchini

    This simple spaghetti recipe includes fried zucchini, and a baked ricotta that is local only to parts of Sicily.

    ...read more of Spaghetti Recipe with Fried Zucchini
  36. Fresh Cucumber Salad Recipe

    A fresh cucumber salad recipe is perfect for the summer months! This one is simple and tasty!

    ...read more of Fresh Cucumber Salad Recipe
  37. Printable Italian Recipe Cards

    Start a collection with my printable Italian recipe cards, standard sized cards are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

    ...read more of Printable Italian Recipe Cards
  38. Christmas Panettone Recipe

    Use this Panettone recipe to create a traditional bread eaten by Italians everywhere at Christmas time. Learn to bake it yourself here!

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  39. italian cooking recipes blog

    Keep up with tasty new Italian cooking articles on our blog page.

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  40. Italian Muffaletta Sandwich

    Created in the heart of New Orleans, this Italian Muffaletta Sandwich is meatlover's dream-come-true!

    ...read more of Italian Muffaletta Sandwich
  41. Italian Coffee Drinks

    Espresso, or Italian coffee, plays a huge role in the Italian culture. Cappucino, latte, granita... Italians know how to make a great coffee drink!

    ...read more of Italian Coffee Drinks
  42. Italian Easter Traditions

    Since the Catholic religion is very prominent in Italy, there are fabulous Italian Easter Traditions you will want to be familiar with.

    ...read more of Italian Easter Traditions
  43. Classic Italian Cheese Pizza Recipe

    Nothing says Italy like a classic cheese pizza recipe, known as a

    ...read more of Classic Italian Cheese Pizza Recipe
  44. Pasta Fagioli Recipe

    This pasta fagioli recipe is perfect for a cold winter day... your family will simply melt like snow when they taste it!

    ...read more of Pasta Fagioli Recipe
  45. Limoncello Liqueur Recipe

    This Limoncello recipe is so easy, but is best made well in advance for the best Italian liqueur your guests will adore.

    ...read more of Limoncello Liqueur Recipe
  46. Italian Potato Salad

    This tasty Italian potato salad is not only delicious but it's healthier than it's American-counterpart...so enjoy, guilt-free!

    ...read more of Italian Potato Salad
  47. Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe

    This light and delicious tomato salad recipe is easy to make and can be served as an antipasto, or a side dish with dinner!

    ...read more of Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe
  48. Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe from Heaven

    This garlic shrimp pasta recipe is buttery and delicious - find the recipe here! Consider using homemade fresh pasta for this one.

    ...read more of Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe from Heaven
  49. Sweet Strawberry Topping Recipe

    Use this sweet strawberry topping recipe for panna cotta - or strawberry shortcake! Yum! Ultra simple but oh so good!

    ...read more of Sweet Strawberry Topping Recipe
  50. Authentic Italian Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

    Learn to make this authentic Italian eggplant parmesan recipe - a great, warm meal for a cold winter evening!

    ...read more of Authentic Italian Eggplant Parmesan Recipe
  51. Light and Airy Zabaglione Recipe

    This zabaglione recipe describes a traditional Italian dessert, served warm that will have your dinner guests swooning.

    ...read more of Light and Airy Zabaglione Recipe
  52. Lentil Soup Recipe

    Yummy lentil soup recipe for a cold winter day!

    ...read more of Lentil Soup Recipe
  53. Tasty Carbonara Recipe with Pancetta

    Traditionally a Roman dish, this Carbonara recipe features pancetta, a dry cured ham - similar to bacon.

    ...read more of Tasty Carbonara Recipe with Pancetta
  54. Italian Style Breaded Pork Chops

    These Italian style breaded pork chops serve up quick and are super delicious. Dig in and find the recipe here!

    ...read more of Italian Style Breaded Pork Chops
  55. Wonderful And Beautiful Italian Food

    We had some amazing Italian food when we traveled to Italy during the summer of 2008 for our honeymoon! One of our best meals was grilled fish

    ...read more of Wonderful And Beautiful Italian Food
  56. Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

    Tasty and refreshing, here is a recipe for an easy fruit salad

    ...read more of Easy Fruit Salad Recipe
  57. About Tasty Italian Cooking

    A page about Maria, the site's founder and how she learned all about Italian cooking.

    ...read more of About Tasty Italian Cooking
  58. Traditional Amaretti Cookies

    Amaretti cookies are a classic Italian treat which feature almonds as one of the main components.

    ...read more of Traditional Amaretti Cookies
  59. Artichoke Pasta Recipe

    This classic Italian Artichoke pasta recipe is simple and great for guests.

    ...read more of Artichoke Pasta Recipe
  60. A Perfect Valentines Day Dinner

    Need an idea for a perfect Valentines Day Dinner? How about serving your sweetie some Italian! Check out this Valentine Dinner menu.

    ...read more of A Perfect Valentines Day Dinner
  61. Easy Tiramisu Recipe

    This heavenly and easy tiramisu recipe is the perfect ending to any meal. A delicious Italian dessert recipe!

    ...read more of Easy Tiramisu Recipe
  62. Polenta Recipe

    Traditionally the food of the poor, this Italian polenta recipe is delicious and is widely gaining popularity in the USA.

    ...read more of Polenta Recipe
  63. Green Salad Recipe from My Italian Kitchen

    What's simpler than a tossed green salad recipe? Here's a quick and easy one from my Italian kitchen that is hard to beat!

    ...read more of Green Salad Recipe from My Italian Kitchen
  64. Homemade Meatballs and Spaghetti

    An everyday favorite, homemade meatballs and spaghetti make a regular appearance around my house. Here's how, in case you're new to this hearty dish.

    ...read more of Homemade Meatballs and Spaghetti
  65. Stuffed Baby Portabella Mushrooms Recipe

    Baby portabella mushrooms recipe stuffed with Italian-style vegetarian filling. Makes a great appetizer or side dish!

    ...read more of Stuffed Baby Portabella Mushrooms Recipe
  66. Chicken Parmesan Recipe

    This chicken parmesan recipe is an iconic Italian dish that has become a favorite around the world. It will become one of your favorite recipes!

    ...read more of Chicken Parmesan Recipe
  67. Panini Recipes

    In Italy a panino is simply a sandwich! Try out some of these easy panini recipes, either hot, cold, or pressed, but always delicious.

    ...read more of Panini Recipes
  68. Cooking Italian Food Rocks, 51-75

    Check out reasons 51-75 why Cooking Italian food ROCKS! But I doubt you need to convince anyone.

    ...read more of Cooking Italian Food Rocks, 51-75
  69. Chicken Soup Recipe from Scratch

    This chicken soup recipe is made from scratch, it's perfect for a cold winter day or just to soothe a common cold!

    ...read more of Chicken Soup Recipe from Scratch
  70. Alfredo Sauce

    This easy Alfredo sauce is smooth and creamy, complimenting fettuccine perfectly. This recipe is a snap.

    ...read more of Alfredo Sauce
  71. Apple Fritter Recipe

    Sweet and simple, this Italian apple fritter recipe satisfy every set of tastebuds from the food critic to the child in us all!

    ...read more of Apple Fritter Recipe
  72. Cooking Italian food Rocks, 76-101

    Check out reasons 76-101 why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS!

    ...read more of Cooking Italian food Rocks, 76-101
  73. Four Cheese Risotto Recipe

    This creamy Four Cheese Risotto recipe is a classic Italian dish. Cook like the Italians do!

    ...read more of Four Cheese Risotto Recipe
  74. Tasty Manicotti Recipe

    This tasty Manicotti recipe is very easy to prepare. The final product is gooey and warm and totally worth getting your hands dirty!

    ...read more of Tasty Manicotti Recipe
  75. Frittata Recipe

    This tasty frittata recipe is simply an egg-based dish, that is extremely popular in Italian cooking. Mix in almost any food to make it your own.

    ...read more of Frittata Recipe
  76. Veggie Pizza Recipe

    This veggie pizza recipe can be changed up an infinate number of ways to satisfy the pickiest eater!

    ...read more of Veggie Pizza Recipe
  77. Pumpkin Pizza with Feta Cheese

    Pumpkin pizza recipe with feta cheese

    ...read more of Pumpkin Pizza with Feta Cheese
  78. Authentic Sicilian Cannoli recipes

    Sweet and delicious, Cannoli recipes result in an iconic Italian dessert. Your friends will love you for making this sweet treat!

    ...read more of Authentic Sicilian Cannoli recipes
  79. Italian Bruschetta Recipe

    A fabulous Italian Bruschetta recipe with fresh tomato that is easy to prepare and is a simple antipasto that your family will love!

    ...read more of Italian Bruschetta Recipe
  80. Italian Meatball Recipe

    This Italian meatball recipe will perfectly top any mountain of spaghetti!

    ...read more of Italian Meatball Recipe
  81. Penne Arrabbiata Recipe

    For a spicy dish, what about an arrabbiata recipe? Traditionally tossed with penne, this chile sauce recipe is hot!

    ...read more of Penne Arrabbiata Recipe
  82. Italian Drinks

    There are a wide array of Italian drinks, from liqueurs to cocktails, espresso for the grown-ups to aranciata for the little ones. Learn about them here.

    ...read more of Italian Drinks
  83. Fine Italian Red Wine

    Information about fine Italian red wine to help you choose the best Italian wines for you!

    ...read more of Fine Italian Red Wine
  84. Margarita Pizza Recipe

    If you're looking for a homemade pizza recipe that is healthy and yummy, check out this Margarita pizza recipe!

    ...read more of Margarita Pizza Recipe
  85. Italian Christmas Cookies

    These Anise cookies are a must in the Italian Christmas Cookies arsenal of recipes. Topped with a sweet confectionary icing, you'll be whipping them up for every occasion!

    ...read more of Italian Christmas Cookies
  86. Cooking Italian food Do you do it?

    Do you love cooking Italian food? Introduce yourself to the other chefs here!

    ...read more of Cooking Italian food Do you do it?
  87. Italian Sausage Recipe

    This Italian Sausage recipe turns sausage into a savory and delicious entree and pairs perfectly with Italian bread or a side of pasta or rice.

    ...read more of Italian Sausage Recipe
  88. White Pizza Recipe featuring garlic!

    Not a big fan of tomato sauce? Then this white pizza recipe is for you! Heck, it really is for anyone - it's delicious!

    ...read more of White Pizza Recipe featuring garlic!
  89. Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

    Simple and delicious Spaghetti sauce recipe, works with pasta and many other Italian dishes!

    ...read more of Spaghetti Sauce Recipe
  90. Stuffed Calzone Recipe

    If you love pizza, you'll love this Stuffed Calzone recipe! Take your favorite pizza toppings and stuff them in a pouch! Simple!

    ...read more of Stuffed Calzone Recipe
  91. Ricotta Cheesecake

    Ricotta cheesecake is creamy and authentic. It is an Italian twist on an American classic and it is truly tasty!

    ...read more of Ricotta Cheesecake
  92. Authentic Italian Recipes

    These authentic Italian recipes were shared by readers. Stracciatella soup, Pesto, Pumpkin Pizza, and more Italian cuisine.

    ...read more of Authentic Italian Recipes
  93. Italian Words in Cooking

    Don't think you know any Italian words? Look around your kitchen, and you'd be suprised what you'll find! Italian cooking words are all around us.

    ...read more of Italian Words in Cooking
  94. Succulent Roasted Lamb Recipe

    This roasted lamb recipes features garlic, olive oil and earthy wild herbs.

    ...read more of Succulent Roasted Lamb Recipe
  95. Simple Vegetarian Recipes

    When cooking Italian food, turn to these simple vegetarian recipes, like eggplant parmesan, to please your family and friends.

    ...read more of Simple Vegetarian Recipes
  96. Delicious Panna Cotta Recipe

    This simple, yet delicious Panna Cotta recipe can be topped and served with a variety of different fruits and sauces. Yum!

    ...read more of Delicious Panna Cotta Recipe
  97. SUPER Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

    Fresh ripe canteloupe and plump delicious blueberries is basically all you need for this super easy fruit salad recipe.

    ...read more of SUPER Easy Fruit Salad Recipe
  98. Pesto For The Chefs Knife or Mezzaluna

    A Pesto recipe for the chef's knife or mezzaluna

    ...read more of Pesto For The Chefs Knife or Mezzaluna
  99. Easy pizza dough - from scratch

    Who needs delivery? Make your own using this easy pizza dough recipe! It's sure to be delicious.

    ...read more of Easy pizza dough - from scratch
  100. Deep Fried Cauliflower Appetizer

    This deep fried cauliflower dish is easy to prepare, but tastes delicious. A simple batter makes this veggie your family's new favorite!

    ...read more of Deep Fried Cauliflower Appetizer
  101. Delicious Pizza Recipes Collection

    Make your own delicious Italian style pizza with these easy Pizza Recipes. Make your own dough and add fresh toppings, voila!

    ...read more of Delicious Pizza Recipes Collection
  102. Pesto Sauce Recipe

    This pesto sauce recipe is prominent in the Northern parts of Italy, and soon it will be a permanent favorite in your home!

    ...read more of Pesto Sauce Recipe
  103. Quick Pizza Dough Recipe

    This quick pizza dough recipe can be completed within a few minutes, which means last minute doesn't have to equal lost sanity!

    ...read more of Quick Pizza Dough Recipe
  104. italian biscotti recipes

    These Italian Biscotti recipes, kind of like cookies, are easy to make, whether you choose the plain almond version or the chocolate one.

    ...read more of italian biscotti recipes
  105. Olive Oil Dip

    Here's an olive oil dip recipe to go with raw vegetables or crusty Italian bread, great for your next cocktail or dinner party!

    ...read more of Olive Oil Dip
  106. Stracciatella Soup

    A Stracciatella soup recipe shared by one of our readers. You have to try this luscious soup!

    ...read more of Stracciatella Soup
  107. Italian Wine Gift Basket Ideas

    Giving someone an Italian wine gift basket is a perfect present for almost any occasion. Get some tips on what to give here!

    ...read more of Italian Wine Gift Basket Ideas
  108. Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe with Chicken

    This fettuccine alfredo recipe features juicy chicken and sauteed mushrooms. A gem amongst easy pasta recipes!

    ...read more of Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe with Chicken
  109. Baked Ziti Recipe - Easy Italian dish

    This baked ziti recipe can be made with meat or without for vegetarians. Also perfect for making ahead of time, make two and freeze one.

    ...read more of Baked Ziti Recipe - Easy Italian dish
  110. Easy Spaghetti Recipe with Garlic & Oil

    A simple garlic and oil combination make this easy spaghetti recipe both satisfying and simple.

    ...read more of Easy Spaghetti Recipe with Garlic & Oil
  111. Fennel and Roast Chicken Recipe

    This roast chicken recipe feature fennel as a flavoring component. Very popular amongst Italians, it's sure to be a hit in your family too!

    ...read more of Fennel and Roast Chicken Recipe
  112. Gnocchi Recipe

    Delicious gnocchi recipe, try your hand at this easy Italian pasta recipe! Your guests don't need to know how easy it is.

    ...read more of Gnocchi Recipe
  113. Stuffed Eggplant Recipe

    A wonderful stuffed eggplant recipe that makes a simple yet satisfying vegetarian meal. Find the recipe here!

    ...read more of Stuffed Eggplant Recipe
  114. Fresh Caprese Salad Recipe

    Super easy and delicious, this Caprese Salad recipe will please any palate!

    ...read more of Fresh Caprese Salad Recipe
  115. Savoring the taste of italian cuisine

    ...read more of Savoring the taste of italian cuisine
  116. Tasty Italian Cooking Newsletter Back Issues

    See the back issues of the Tasty Tidbits Ezine for tasty-italian-cooking.com

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  117. Italian Easter Bread

    This whimsical Italian Easter bread recipe will surely delight children and adults alike.

    ...read more of Italian Easter Bread
  118. Delicious Pasta Primavera Recipe

    Oven roasted veggies make this Pasta Primavera Recipe a great dinner-time treat. Pasta with vegetables never looked so good!

    ...read more of Delicious Pasta Primavera Recipe
  119. Delicious Cream Puff Recipe

    This cream puff recipe makes a light and delicious pastry that can be filled with a sweet custard or whipped cream!

    ...read more of Delicious Cream Puff Recipe
  120. Fresh Pasta Dough Recipe

    This easy pasta dough recipe can be used to prepare fresh pasta at home. Use in a multitude of tasty Italian pasta recipes!

    ...read more of Fresh Pasta Dough Recipe
  121. Italian dessert recipes

    Italian dessert recipes that will tantalize your tastebuds. Learn to make perfect tiramisu, panettone and other traditional favorites!

    ...read more of Italian dessert recipes
  122. Italian Culture

    Learn a little bit about why food is so important to the Italian culture, and other interesting tid-bits.

    ...read more of Italian Culture
  123. Italian Kitchen

    A typical Italian kitchen is stocked full of these ingredients... keep them on hand and you'll be able to create any Italian dish!

    ...read more of Italian Kitchen
  124. Three Meat Lasagna Recipe

    This three meat lasagna recipe is bursting with delicious flavor. Melted gooey cheese makes mouths water in anticipation!

    ...read more of Three Meat Lasagna Recipe
  125. Italian Dinner

    A typical Italian dinner takes place late, and depending on if it's casual or formal, could last well into the night!

    ...read more of Italian Dinner
  126. Tasty and Authentic Italian Soup Recipes

    Italian soup recipes are light and delicious, learn some recipes your family will love!

    ...read more of Tasty and Authentic Italian Soup Recipes
  127. Cooking Italian Food Store

    Find delectable imported goodies for the next time you are cooking Italian food. Visit my store today!

    ...read more of Cooking Italian Food Store
  128. Delicate Pizzelle Recipe

    Delicate and crispy pizzelle recipe, a light and perfect end to any meal. Recipe here!

    ...read more of Delicate Pizzelle Recipe
  129. italian breakfast food

    Italian breakfast food, compared to American, is light and sometimes non-existant. Learn about how this morning meal factors into Italian culture.

    ...read more of italian breakfast food